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The sky's the limit

Welcome to the Home of Cheryl Hall Instruction and Coaching

I've been Shooting for over 20 years and I have achieved almost everything I can within the sport. Now I want to pass on my knowledge to help others by devoting much more of my time to instruction and coaching. I have a proven track record through many years of coaching. I coached Amy Easeman, the current Compak World Champion for many years and also taught my good friend Helen McKenna to name just two. These two friends are a big part of the reason i am now doing this. 

My aim is to help fellow shooters develop their skills and achieve their goals. No matter what level you are I want to help you. Even as a beginner, the right teaching from the start will help you to progress and improve quicker and achieve your goals faster.  

Please take a look around and let me know how I can help you.

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