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Clay Coaching

I will look at everyone’s individual style and work with that to develop them to shoot in the most consistent way possible.  How I shoot is not always what I teach, I believe in individuality.

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No two shooters are the same and my flexible approach on how to develop someone’s ability is a proven winning formula.


I will show you all the methods of shooting available to you and together we can work on what method works best, for you, for each target.  It is always good to be able to have alternative methods on how to approach targets to reach the required goal.


There is no point having only one weapon in your arsenal and shooting a target you’re missing in the same spot/style for 4/5 pairs as you will just keep missing.

Terms and Conditions:

Cancellation policy:

More than 72 hours notice: - Free

Less than 72 hours but more than 48 hours: - 50% payment

Less than 48 hours hours notice: - Full Payment


Depending on what your ultimate goal is, depends on how in depth we go in your lessons.  


If you are a beginner then there is no point focusing on anything other than the basics of shooting such as gun mount, hold points and kill points.


If you are a seasoned shooter then we will focus on all the different techniques and the other aspects of clay shooting which are often overlooked such as diet and the psychological side.

The sky's the limit and I can take you there.

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