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My Sponsors

I am lucky to have the support of the following companies and products.



From the beginning Perazzi shooters achieved considerable success and the name and reputation of Perazzi became established and widely known.


For 50 years Perazzi have built prestigious game and competition guns that are a fusion between traditional gunsmithing, high technology and the selection of excellent raw materials.


The perfect balance and handling and the innovations that have been made during this time have resulted in a gun suitable for every discipline and made the company a world leader in clay shooting.


For over 30 years CENS from Puretone has revolutionised hearing protection, bringing you the best and most effective modular hearing protection system in the world.

CENS pushes the boundaries of technology and expectation. Our range of state-of-the-art earplugs, designed exclusively for shooters, boasts the ultimate in comfort, performance, style and safety.

Today our patented CENS® ProFlex DX earplugs use digital microprocessors optimised and programmed by experienced shooters and technicians. 

platinum sporting.jpg

Sporting Agents - Game shooting organised for Teams and Individuals.

Professional Qualified and Experienced Game and Clay Shooting Instructors.

Professional Qualified and Experienced Loaders.


We import Shotgun Cartridges from the Number one cartridge manufacturer in France and our aim is to provide our fellow shooters with better ammunition at fairer prices here in the UK.


We have something for every ability and every budget and have the only recoil reducing 8 Star Crimp on the market. We are also one of the few manufacturers to use Nickel coated shot in our top of the range cartridges which are proven to produce the best patterns.

We also have the Magic Bore Ultimate Game Cartridges - Proven to be the best game cartridges on the market.

The revolutionary shotgun cleaning tools that makes cleaning guns easy. Gone are the days when cleaning your shotgun takes at least half an hour!! 

These are the best barrel cleaning kits on the market guaranteed

- Reduce Cleaning Time to just a few minutes

- You will never get dirty cleaning your barrels again

- Removes Plastic & Lead Fouling - The only cleaning kits that do

- Clever Design Features to protect your gun

- Cleans Semi-Auto Shotguns fully assembled

- Only Highest Quality Materials used

- Designed by a Shooter and Made in the UK 

- Designed to last a lifetime with low Cost Consumable Parts makes Magic Bore kits the most cost effective cleaning kits on the market


Teague Precision Chokes

TEAGUE offers a complete range of aftermarket shotgun chokes to fit all major brands of shotgun, from Beretta and Browning through to Winchester and Zoli. All our aftermarket chokes are engineered with the same care and attention to detail as the thin walled chokes for which TEAGUE is famous.

Trusted by the greatest gunmakers and sportsmen

It's reassuring to know TEAGUE thin walled shotgun chokes are the choice of all the major bespoke gunmakers in Great Britain who offer the multi choke variation for their game and sporting guns. The winners of numerous shooting championships, including recent Olympic gold medallists, also rely on TEAGUE chokes to help them perform to the highest level - even under intense pressure.

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